Cor Van Raay Case Competition 2017

November 3, 2017

This year marked the 3rd Annual Cor Van Raay Case Competition. This year North & Company came on as a gold sponsor and participated throughout the entire event.

The Cor Van Raay Case Competition is hosted by the University and the College and aims to combine agriculture and business. Groups are a mix of students from the university and the college and the majority of these students are either pursuing a management designation or an agricultural designation. These groups were then locked in a room with a case for 4 hours and tasked with presenting a recommendation after these 4 hours to a panel of judges.

This year our own Tyler Murray sat on the judging panel and watched 15 groups present a variety of recommendations for the case that was centered on a Chia Seed operation confronting a supply chain issue.

This event is a great combination of theoretical and practical knowledge put on by 2 great educational establishments. These are the kind of events that showcase just how great southern Alberta is and where we are heading.