Government & Regulatory

Our Government & Regulatory lawyers at North & Company LLP have decades of experience representing clients in claims involving tribunals and commissions. Furthermore, we can provide excellent advocacy during the trial or the appeal process.

No matter the type of dispute, we are engaged in challenging regulatory claims. Our litigators can mediate, advocate, and expertly negotiate at various tribunal & regulatory bodies, agencies, other administrative bodies, or in Court on your behalf.

Your Government and Regulatory experts

North & Company LLP represents various Southern Alberta municipalities for many different purposes. Our team has practiced municipal law for many years. Our team has experience with the enforcement of bylaws, representing municipalities and corporations for property tax assessment appeals, land development and expropriation, drafting municipal bylaws, and more. We enjoy working with our municipal clients and persons wanting help with municipal issues like taxes.

North & Company LLP is happy to sit down and see how we can be an effective ally for you.

North & Company LLP takes pride in helping municipal clients ensure the duties and obligations of community members are enforced. Our team can provide the following:

  • Legislative interpretation and statutory compliance.
  • Advising on and preparing enforcement-related documents.
  • Municipal prosecutions.

Our experience working with various municipalities has helped our firm develop the skills necessary to be an effective municipal advisor and partner. Feel free to contact us to discuss working together to achieve your municipal goals. 

Municipalities need to develop, acquire, sell, and transfer land. As families, businesses, and communities grow, so does the need for various interests in land. Leases, licenses, right-of-way agreements, easements, expropriations, and purchase and sale agreements are only some of the many commercial topics that North & Company LLP has experience with. The clients we have represented over the past 50 years know it’s essential to include their trusted legal advisor early in commercial transactions to help catch things that may otherwise be missed.

Citizens or corporations feeling unfairly taxed can appeal assessments with the Assessment Review Board. North & Company LLP has experience representing municipalities, corporations, and individuals in these appeal processes. We can assist in understanding the strength and validity of an appeal so you know whether you are likely to be successful. If the claim is valid, we have a dedicated litigation department to help represent you in the appeal. If you think you are being taxed unfairly or wish to start this appeal process, please fe

A municipality can acquire an interest in land to achieve a municipal goal or purpose. Sometimes this means taking something the current owner does not wish to give up. Having a legal advisor with a strong understanding of a municipality’s authority to take land and the fair and proper way of acquiring it is essential to ensure the steady and unhindered growth of the community. Our team at North & Company LLP appreciates these processes can be sensitive. We strive to complete these necessary processes with respect and dignity, aiming for win-win situations between the municipality, previous landowner, and community.

Any property development requires municipal approval. If the authority rejects the proposed development, the next step is to appeal with the quasi-judicial Subdivision & Development Appeal Board, which does not typically have lawyers on the board. Having an advisor who understands the appeal process and relevant legislation can be an advantage. North & Company LLP is happy to work with both Subdivision & Development Appeal Board members and those making appeals.

Unclear drafting of bylaws can lead to misunderstanding and difficulties in enforcement. Ensuring the wording of bylaws is clear, concise, and understandable by all community members helps reduce time and cost for the Municipality. Having a legal advisor help you draft the language can save substantial costs. Our experience with various municipal clients gives us a valuable perspective on what works and what does not. If you want to help draft clear and cost-saving bylaws, feel free to contact the North & Company LLP team.

Your Government & Regulatory Team