Financing & Secured Transactions

North & Company LLP’s corporate lawyers are experts in financing & secured transactions. We can significantly assist you in matters related to Mortgages, Personal Property Security interests, Bank Act Security interests, personal guarantees, the personal property registry, and registering security interests in the registry. We have experience helping all business or commercial entities, regardless of their size.

We especially take pride in assisting clients to understand where they stand relative to their lenders and help them by registering the appropriate security interests.

Financing and Secured Transactions

The time will come when most businesses will need to borrow money to grow or sustain their operations. North & Company LLP provides experienced legal services to lenders and borrowers on lending transactions of any size and complexity.

We work with borrowers, banks and non-traditional lenders on various commercial loan transactions in industries that include: agriculture, real estate development, construction, manufacturing, automotive and service industries.

Your Financing & Secured Transactions Team