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The term commercial law is an umbrella term the includes many different areas of law related to the operation of business. Commercial law is made of a huge collection of case law and legislation; therefore having legal professionals as part of your team with a strong grasp on commercial law is paramount. North & Company’s team has the experience and capacity you can depend on for your business needs.

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Commercial law is an umbrella term that includes many different areas of law related to business operations. Commercial law consists of a large collection of case law and legislation, and having legal professionals as part of your team with a strong understanding of commercial law is paramount. North & Company LLP’s team has the experience and capacity you can depend on for your business needs.

Whether it is a contract with suppliers, purchasers, customers, contractors, or otherwise, having clear terms regarding each party’s obligations is incredibly beneficial for each party. Ambiguity and unaddressed risks in a contractual relationship can cause stress, tension in working relationships, time and money. Having clear expectations of each other is critical to success. A well-drafted contract will address and avoid issues before they occur. If you have contractual matters or want to prevent potential problems, North & Company LLP would be happy to help.

Running a franchise business brings great potential and substantial, controllable risk. Understanding the relationship you have with the franchise is essential. An agreement can be for a significant period, and clarity about your duties and obligations from the start helps promote a successful relationship. Having a lawyer review and clarify the franchise agreement for you may be the difference between failure and long-term success. Whether you own multiple franchises or want to get into one for the first time, North & Company LLP is here to help you.

A joint venture (JV) is a business agreement in which two or more parties agree to pool their resources to accomplish a specific task. There is potential to achieve things that one would be unable to do alone, but a solid working relationship is the base of that possible success. A comprehensive and transparent joint venture agreement helps address conflicts before they arise. Having a legal advisor with extensive knowledge of how to curb these issues is essential to a joint venture.

A partnership involves two or more people doing business together to make a profit. In a partnership, your assets are at risk if the partnership fails. A partnership agreement outlining each party’s responsibilities and obligations can help mitigate that risk. Though you don’t need a formal written partnership agreement, discussing it with a legal professional about the partnership will help shed light on risks you may have yet to consider. Formalizing the deal in any business relationship helps ensure clarity for all parties as to their roles.  

The purchase and sale of a business involve many considerations beyond the specific terms of the sale. Some concerns include taxes, employees, real estate, wills and estate implications and more. Having a legal partner, you can rely on helps keep the deal moving forward in your best interest. The considerations differ depending on the type of business being sold. Whether it is a farm, coffee shop, trade, or in the oil and gas sector, having an experienced and knowledgeable legal advisor is key. If you are involved in buying and selling a business, North & Company LLP would be happy to discuss the deal with you.

In Alberta, there is a process to ensure that people who take a business loan from the bank know the effect it will have on them personally. We provide a frank, honest, and easy-to-understand opinion so you know what you are getting into. If you borrow money from the bank for a business, you must see a lawyer. See us if you want an open and honest conversation about what a business loan means to you and your family.

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