Real Estate Law

North & Company appreciates that Real Estate is typically the biggest asset individuals and businesses will own. Whether it is a sale, purchase, rental agreement, transfer, new build or otherwise we can take our role seriously. We take pride in ensuring our client's interests are protected when dealing with such important transactions. If you have questions or concerns about real estate issues don't hesitate to give the team at North & Company a call.

Real Estate Law

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For many people, your home is the biggest purchase you'll ever make. But what do you do if you have problems with the seller? What do your condo bylaws actually mean? Real estate law governs the purchase, sale, and administration of property and applies to both commercial and residential property. North & Company's real estate group can assist you whether you are buying your dream home, downsizing after the kids leave, expanding into a second commercial location, or thinking of renting a property to tenants. We can guide you through all aspects of real estate law including drafting, review, and registration of documents required by the Land Titles Office. North & Company's experienced real estate group can help you achieve your real estate goals in an efficient, cost-effective manner. 

Builders' Liens

A Builder’s Lien is a tool designed to help protect individuals who contribute to an improvement which is attached to land and who have not been paid for their services. Many different types of construction and development of land is considered to be an improvement. Registration of a Builder’s Lien is through a Land Titles Office or a private registry office. Builder’s Liens do not guarantee payment for services and the applicable legislation is complicated and enforced strictly. If you have questions about Builder’s Liens we would be happy to speak with you. 

Commercial Real Estate

Many considerations go into the purchase of commercial real estate. These considerations vary widely depending on the type of commercial property. Buying a single unit building is far different from purchasing farm land, or a multi-unit complex. Whether the commercial property has an existing tenant or requires rezoning to meet your purpose are a few considerations. Did you know that if you buy a home on an acreage of 10 or more acres the deal is a commercial transaction rather than residential? Having a legal advisor that understands the nuances of commercial real estate transactions is important to ensure nothing is missed in these complex deals. 


Condominiums have gained immense popularity in the recent years and whether you are building, purchasing, or selling there are certain considerations for this type of property that do not come up in residential transactions. Health of the Condo Association’s reserve fund, the condo bylaws, the recent capital expenditures and any history of cash calls can affect the property value and your financial liability going forward. While the transaction is procedurally similar the considerations are different. If you would like to talk to one of our team about these and other considerations, please reach out to us. 


North and Company serves construction companies big and small. Whether you sell hundreds of units a year or have your own framing business we will provide you the legal support needed to be successful. There are a ton of issues that could arise during a building process that can make or break a company if not properly addressed. Ensuring you have a legal advisor with a working knowledge of construction law is very important for long term success. 

Land Development

Whether you own land you wish to develop yourself or represent a municipality ready to expand to the needs of its citizens having a strong legal team who understands how to navigate the myriad of rules and red tape is essential. North & Company has a team with a strong knowledge of expropriations, obtaining planning approvals, land use changes, preservation, and the redevelopment of heritage sites. This includes the development of land to harness solar and wind energy. If you are looking to develop and are curious about the legal side, give us a call. 

Being a Landlord and/or a Tenant

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant each role has duties and responsibilities. These obligations change depending on whether the property is commercial or residential. If it is residential the Residential Tenancy Act has the final say on the relationship between landlord and tenant. Any agreement contrary to the legislation is null and void. For a commercial property the obligations come from the common law. Understanding your obligations as a landlord or tenant can make a potentially difficult situation easy. If you have a question about being a landlord or tenant North & Company would be happy to discuss it with you. 


The word ‘Lease’ is a general term referring to an agreement to transfer the use of land to someone else for a specified period of time. These agreements can include agricultural leases, car leases, residential or commercial leases, etc. With regards to real estate a lease is typically an agreement to transfer the use of a building for a specified period of time in exchange for compensation. The lease is a flexible tool which can be set to end on a specific date or for a periodic interval such as a week, month, year, etc. In commercial leases the time frame can be much longer than residential. The longer the time frame the more important it is to understand the terms of the lease. Our team has experience dealing with many different types of leases and would be happy to help you with yours.

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Buying a home is an exciting and stressful time. It is a big purchase and getting the Realtor, Bank, Lawyer, Home inspector, etc. all coordinated can seem like a monumental task. Having a legal advisor you can rely on is crucial. The legal advisor addresses any issues involving the legal title of the property, outstanding property taxes, Builder’s Liens, agreements about how the land can be used, boundary issues, and more. We have a team dedicated to Real Estate who handle everything from apartments, acreages, to large family estates. Peace of mind in such a big transaction is priceless. If you are involved in the purchase or sale of a residential property and want a team you can rely on, reach out to North & Company.  

Residential Real Estate Fee Guidelines

Fees start at $750.00 plus GST and disbursements for a sale, or a cash purchase of a residential property less than $150,000.00.

Please call our nearest office for a quote on your specific transaction.

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